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Maison De Parfum

Malaysia’s first designer perfume subscription where you can select any designer perfume.

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Project Brief

Maison De Parfum is the first subscription perfume plan in Malaysia that allow you to select the perfume monthly. Not sure which perfume suitable for you? Maybe you should consider taking a scent quiz to find out more about yourself.

the challenge

The Maison De Parfum is built with an Affiliate system that provides commission for all referrals. The site is also built with a quiz section, users will answer all the questions and from the answer, the system will determine the best perfume that is suitable for you.

the project

Our team is careful to take on projects that are truly useful and Maison De Parfum definitely falls into that category. The site helps people who find have difficultly choosing his perfume, Maison De Parfum is a great platform to find it for you.

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