A Home-Cooked Marketplace for Everyone


Risebowl is a leading Home-Cooked meals platform in Malaysia, it provide the network that connects these amazing cooks with diners seeking to eat better.

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Project Brief

Risebowl is the first product develop by Riselaps which is an online Home-Cooked meal sharing platform that connects all talented home-chefs to start selling their own cooked food.

the challenge

People are always looking for better food options and yearning for authentic homemade dishes. But they unable to reach the talented home-chef and in the same way, the home-chef also has difficulty selling their food.

the project

The whole solution is to connect these people through a Home-Cooked Marketplace App. The main objective of this project not just to empowering home cooks but also to provide an alternative way for our mothers to earn some income.

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