Unique Handmade Pet Art


ThinkFluffy is a group of young people who love art almost as much as we love our pets. Creating one-of-a-kind functional art to celebrate our furbabies makes us wag, purr, and smile.

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Project Brief

From doggos to kitties, ferrets to chinchillas, and every lovable critter in-between; Thinkfluffy’s team love everyone pet just like how you does.

the challenge

Unique Art Creations let you enjoy your pet in a different and memorable way. But there is a difficulty to reach more potential customer and showcase the previous artwork to public.

the project

From choosing your favourite image (it can be hard to decide since your pets are so darn cute!) to approving your art and selecting your background, we are committed to making your experience special. We really wanna see you wag!

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